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Practical Magic Fanatic

Deal With It!

Owens House

I have a love for the movie Practical Magic. I don't need anyone's approval nor disapproval of my love for this film. Hollywood being what they are, what do you expect? Yet, there's something deeper in this story if only you take the time to see underneath it all.

When a film comes out that shows women in such a good light of helping each other instead of the constant onslaught of movies showing women being ruthless to each other, it's refreshing and I'm all for it! And the eye-candy of decorations, scenery that can inspire anyone to a certain degree is great, I'm always coming up with new ideas and it's been several years since this movie officially came onscreen for public view. This is the only movie that has ever done that to me, so there's that 'little something' about this movie I love. The critics can screw themselves - and anyone else who doesn't like it either - There! I feel better now. ;)

All aspects of this movie can be discussed here if you wish - from Witchcraft to the eye candy known as the Owens home, yard, gardens, Sally's Verbena Store and even the little path between their home and town. This is a somewhat new journal (created July 2005), so if you add me as a friend, drop a line and I'll add you too! ;)

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